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Rivanna Rifle & Pistol Club
A private shooting club in Charlottesville, VA

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This is your club.  We want your input - comments and questions.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 7883 Charlottesville, VA 22906



Committees/Activities Chairs & other club emails

  • By-Laws Revision - revise Club By-Laws.
  • Buildings & Grounds - submit a maintenance request or idea for improvement,
                                    volunteer to help.
  • Class 3 - questions about your firearm’s suitability.  Approval required before
                    you may shoot fully automatic guns at the club.
  • Forums Moderator - question, problem with online forums.
  • Law Enforcement Liaison - local law enforcement agencies can request to
        schedule club/range times.  Members can send questions or comments
        regarding police use of club.
  • Membership - how to join, renewals, fob issues (lost, not working).
  • Newsletter - comments, suggestions.
  • Policies & Procedures Revision - revise Club Policies & Procedures.
  • Programs - develop events/activities for Membership Meetings.
  • Safety - safety issues at club, ideas for improvement.
  • Spokesperson - spokesperson for club.
  • Training - upcoming classes, suggestions and requests for courses.
  • UVA Shooting - coordinates UVA shooters use of club.
  • Webmaster - update club calendar, websites, interactive system admin.
  • Work Coordinator - coordinates new applicants' fulfillment of their work-requirements.

All club emails are listed on this page.