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Rivanna Rifle & Pistol Club
A private shooting club in Charlottesville, VA

Contact Us

This is your club.  We want your input - comments and questions.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 7883 Charlottesville, VA 22906

Emails: If you have a client email program on your computer, simply click address.
If you use Gmail or Yahoomail, right click to email you need,
click copy email address and enter it in your message.


Committees/Activities Chairs & other club emails

  • By-Laws Revision - revise Club By-Laws.
  • Buildings & Grounds - submit a maintenance request or idea for improvement,
                                    volunteer to help.
  • Class 3 - questions about your firearm’s suitability.  Approval required before
                    you may shoot fully automatic guns at the club.
  • Forums Moderator - question, problem with online forums.
  • Law Enforcement Liaison - local law enforcement agencies can request to
        schedule club/range times.  Members can send questions or comments
        regarding police use of club.
  • Membership - how to join, renewals, fob issues (lost, not working).
  • Newsletter - comments, suggestions.
  • Policies & Procedures Revision - revise Club Policies & Procedures.
  • Programs - develop events/activities for Membership Meetings.
  • Safety - safety issues at club, ideas for improvement.
  • Spokesperson - spokesperson for club.
  • Training - upcoming classes, suggestions and requests for courses.
  • UVA Shooting - coordinates UVA shooters use of club.
  • Webmaster - update club calendar, websites, interactive system admin.
  • Work Coordinator - coordinates new applicants' fulfillment of their work-requirements.

All club emails are listed on this page.